Friday, October 5, 2007

Writing a blog when you have nothing to say...

I really want to write a blog and I REALLY have nothing to say. Shall I talk about the weather? It's grim out--alternately cloudy and sunny with spats of rain that make the cats very upset.

Shall I talk about my health? I think it's a migraine day--anyway, I took the migraine medication just in case and I am hanging about in my jammies still, not really feeling up to anything. I think I may also be coming down with bronchitis because I have this dry cough that keeps me up at night. I dreamed all night I was trying to blow my nose and nothing was coming out. What does that signify, Dr. Freud?

Shall I dare to eat a peach? I DID deat a peach, one of the last of the season and it was really good. So take that, Mr. Prufrock. If you can't get up the balls to eat your peaches while they come to you, maybe you don;t deserve to have the mermaids singing to you.

Harshing on a character from a poem.

Mostly I;m spending today waiting for it to be tomorrow. Why? Because we have the opportunity to adopt a couple more kitties! I'm really excited about that. I hope it works out.

These are some of the most random mutterings yet. And I think I'm through with them.

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