Sunday, October 28, 2007

Kind of a Nothing Much Day

Got up too early for a Sunday morning. Had my usual internet coffee clatch with the gang at MCHY. Did laundry. Did dishes. Did Pilates. Played with the cats. Was so bored I spent some time composing diary entries for my cats on Catster--you can follow the links on the sidebar of this page to see my furrfamily. My cats had something to say even if I didn't. And still don't.

Went to dinner with M's folks and that was nice. Came home. Now I;m doing this. Smoking another cigarette.

Another friend with BPD assured me life will get better but I have my doubts about now. I;m not in the terrible mixed state I WAS in but now I;m feeling more depresive. Still can;t concentrate. Last night I felt so low I wa actually wondering what it would be like to swallow half my bottle of Klonopin. I would never do that, just wondering.

Need some motivation and excitement and I don;t know where to look for it. Is this what some people get out of doing drugs? I ask myself.

Now my back hurts 'cause I'm on my period and I already took painkillers so I can;t take any more. Bummer.

So kind of a nothing day all around. Not a BAD day, just a nothing day.

Maybe tomorrow will be better?

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