Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Coffee and Cigarettes

yeah, Yeah, Yeah....that's what I've got right now.

It;s weds. night which is the night michael gets home late from school and I'm writing this becaue I don;t have anything better to do. But smoke and drink coffee.

Looked again at the first four pages of SMTtF and thought it sucked but fixed some things so now maybe it doesn;t suck too much.

the kids were absolute demons today and I don;t mean the good kind that Socrates had. Elvira about chewed my hand off trying to get to my turkey sandwich. She got a mouthful of it and wouldn't let go; I finally had to rip off a chunk and let her have it. Plus they were total spazzes all day. Except now. Now they're asleep and they look like little angels. Yeah right.

Haven't seen Gwion Bach all day.

Spaghetti for dinner again....

We're trying to refinanace our HE loan and I'm both scared they;re going to give us the money and scared they're not going to. I paid bills today and there's...well, not much left for the rest of the month and about $20 in our savings.

I think I'll play a game now.

This blog stinks.

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