Monday, October 8, 2007

The Cute Report

Not easy to write a blog with a lapful of kittens, but I'm going to try...

As the days pass, their personalities come out. At first I thought, Oh my gods, how are we ever goign to tell the boys apart?" But by the end of the first day I could see little variations. Onyx's coat is slightly longer and not quite so shiny. Obsidian's eyes are a little closer together. Things like that.

Now I'm seeing bigger differences. Obsidian is a bit shier, but he also seems to be the "spokeskitten" when it comes to dealing with the older cats. He also is the mighty hunter. He caught his first spider last night and recently discovered the rabbit fur mousie, which he has now thoroughly destroyed. In many activities he is the leader but in socializing he takes his time.

Onyx, I;m afraid to say, seems a little slow. He gets lost in the litterbox and squeals until someone comes to find him. He follows Obi's lead a lot, but is more social initially. He also is fascinated by computers. If he can, he'll sit between the keyboard and the monitor and watch what's happening on the screen. He has been known to delete or add entire forum posts by walking on the keyboards.

Both the boys have little, squeaky voices. In fact, Obi is already master of the Silent Meow. Not so Elvira. For a tiny cat she has a remarkably deep alto mew. She bosses the boys around a lot but often can't be bothered. She likes me best :D. Currently while the boys continue to destroy the fur mousie, she is asleep in my lap.

The older cats still don;t know what to make of this. Luna seems to be adjusting best so far. Day by day she lets the little ones get closer and closer to her. Today she actually looked interested in their play when they were near her. But then when they got too close and invaded what she considers her personal space, she had to go outside for a while.

Dacs is hiding in the linen closet.

GB is out. I think he feels as long as he doesn;t have to see them he can forgive my husband and me for bringing them home but he'll take a long time to accept the situation.

Must go now....kittens needs me!

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