Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Where's my Stuff, you Morons???

So Sunday night, after months of thinking I was going to skip Hallowe'en altogether this year, I got the idea for a perfect costume. The problem? I don't actually own any of the elements of this costume but would have to buy them. And ship them overnight express. I debated about this for a long time--in fact, I even posted a poll on my favourite web community forum--should I or shouldn;t I. I really wanted to and the poll results came back with a resounding "GO FOR IT!" so I went ahead and ordered.

That was yesterday. Today, I did not receive my stuff.I have not even received confirmation e-mails that the stuff has been ordered, much less shipped EXCEPT from the one company who clearly stated that they did not do overnight orders!

I'm pissed, top say the least. I paid about $50 to have this stuff overnighted and now it look like I'll be without the costume at all. Unless by some miracle the stuff arrives tomorrow, which I'm not holding my breath hoping for. I mean, I'll have all the costume elements for next year but it was such a good idea and i wanted it NOW.

morons, they;re all morons.

I don;t know, can I get my money back? If the stuff doesn;t show up tomorrow I'm certainly going to try.

So now I;m in a bad mood about this Hallowe'en and I think again I might just skip it. After all, kids come to the door dressed in bedsheets and plastic bags. They can see me in my jammies with a scowl on my face.

It'll probably be scary enough.

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