Friday, October 12, 2007

the Cute Report -- II

Having three new kittens is like taking care of a passel of toddlers (or so I assume, having never had toddlers in any amount). One minute they're into everything. The nest they're totally asleep somewhere, often wheere you can't find them. So you run arund the house looking for themuntil you locate them under the afghan at the foot of the bed or something. Also, when they get quiet you can't relax because it MAY mean they're up to something.

Elvira is the chief mischief maker of the lot.The other night she decided to attempt to leap onto the kitchen counter, where she succeeded in pulling the dishdrainer and all its contents down onto her head. She escaped unscathed. Her favourite sleeping spot is the big potted jade plant in the bay window where she KNOWS she's not supposed to be. But she's so cute all curled up there, we just don;t have the heart to turn the sprayer on her. She'd going to be a spoiled diva.

Onyx is one of the most vocal kittens I've ever come across. He has a tiny little mew and a great big purr and he follows me everywhere. He also has a fascination with the bathroom sink. With anything in the bathroom, mattter of fact. If you didn;t know, sitting on the toilet while a kitten is trying to investigate what you;re doing there is not very conducive to peacefully going about your business.

Obsidian is the dignified one. But he's also still the mighty hunter. When playing "fish" he dominates the others and growls when they come too close. He remains aloof much of the time but is a total lover when he decides it's time for some lap.

The other cats are clowly adjusting to the invasion. Luna has come to ignore the kittens, as has Dacs (but she still woon;t come down off the pantry for long!) Even Gwion Bach came in twice today while the kids were asleep and wandered around the house. He sat down and had a wash in the living room. That's progress!

Tried to post more pics, but they didn't come out for some reason. Sorry!

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