Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The White Knight Is Sliding Down the Poker...

Obi is chasing his tail in the bathtub. Oni and Elvira are chasing each other through the house, occasionally stopping to play with the roundy-roudy (this is our name for the trapped ball in the round thing with the holes in it so you can poke a paw through and make the ball spin). The combined noise sounds like a herd of elephants dancing in tap shoes, except I've just remembered, Elephants can;t jump.

Now someone seems to be playing with the bathroom toilet brush. that's what it sounds like, anyway.

Dacs is looking on from the kitchen ledge, hunched over like a vulture and occasionally screaming her distaste for the goings on. She will not be comforted. She will not go anywhere else and she will not shut up.

This is the morning spazz, or as we call it, the morning Schmeerskahooven, although it is nothing like the Schmeerskahooven from Pinky and the Brain. Still, it's a great word and I like being able to say it whenever the cats go on a tear, as they are now.

Actually now they've calmed down for the moment.

I'm at the point in this cold where everything is draining or trying to drain. The stuff that's alreqady drained down into my throat is being coughed out and the stuff still in my sinuses is being blown out and I feel both better and altogether miserable about the whole process, if you know what that feels like. Well enough to want to do something but not well enough to actually DO it. So I;'m sitting around watching the cats play--or listening to the cats play, as they move so fast you can;t actually WATCH them; it's kind of like watching a bunch of black streaks that on occasion materialise into cats and then are off again. besides, my eyes sting too much for watching.

A woman I had lost track of actually got in touch with me and wants to do lunch sometime! That's a happy thing as usually I'm the one trying to get in touch. And she's funny and not psycho, as far as I know. So this may be the beginning of a friendship I was not looking for.

Now I think I have to take a rest.

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