Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Sucky Day

Well, it;s been a sucky day. aside from the leftover grunge in my system from my psychiatrist appt. yesterday, all kinds of things have gone wrong. Let's see, from less bad to worse? Well, a game i've been looking forward to for a long time--months--crashes every time I try to run it on my computer. It runs on my husband's laptop just fine, so I don;t know what the deal is here. I guess that sounds trivial, but I have so little I really look forward to that it's a big issue to me.

Second, I just talked to my husband and the bank has refused to refinanace our home equity loan. Honestly, I feel just as relieved about this as not--I didn;t know how we were going to keep up with the new payments and I worried about it every night in bed. But we were counting on that money to get us through a rough spot. Now we have no food and no money and no way of getting either.

So I called the Social Security office to check on the status of my disability application. "Oh, they made a decision on that weeks ago!" the helpful lady on the other end of the line said. It was turned down. I can appeal, but I haven;t much hope anything different will come of it.

So here we are--no money, no food, a bank balance that's way overdrawn....and my birthday's comin g up and i wanted to have a good time without al these worries on my head. We should have just gone to Texas--I could have charged the whole thing and we wouldn;t be any worse off than we are now. And at least we would have had some fun.

Now I'm bored and tired and I think I'll finish this cigarette and lie down....

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