Tuesday, November 13, 2007

About the same as yesterday

Still sick. Actually cancelled both my massage and my therapy appointments because I don;t feel well enough to do them. That's rough, not feeling well enough to get a massage! And my massage therapist is so heavily booked she doesn't have another appt. open for a month. Oh well.

can;t say I feel bad about cancelling my talking therapy. Can;t imagine hacking and coughing my way through a session--they always take a lot out of me in any case and I just didn't think my immune system was up to it...besides, I don;t feel like I have anything to say except, "I'm sick. Blah." I probably caught this from my therapist anyway--I can;t think where else I would have got it.

I'm pissed that I'm sick actually, because it's a beautiful fall day with a beautiful blue sky and I think some fresh air would do me good.

financial crisis still in maximum overdrive. Weight crisis not so bad--dropped a couple of pounds there so I figure most of what I put on must have been water.

Elvira keeps getting her lower jaw stuck through her collar and it really freaks me out because she freaks out and won;t let me help her and I worry that she's going to do it sometime when I'm not THERE to help and strangle. If she keeps doing it anymore I think we;re just going to forgo the collar entirely.

The boys did not have this problem.

My husband started a blog so I will add the link to my list of blog links. He also started some weird audio channel somewhere so I will find out what I can about that so you all can here the random sounds he is working on. It would make him so happy, so I encourage you to visit him.

I feel crappy. So Now I'll quit, as this is all a chain of totally random and unimaginitive as well as less than profound and wonderful thoughts.

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