Saturday, November 10, 2007

Belated Birthday Blog

So yesterday was my 45th birthday and I actually had a pretty good time. I did a lot of shopping--well, duh. Some of it was for the cats. The cats got a new condo for my birthday, heh heh. Some was for me. I got a new corset--I can really get into this corsetry thing now that I'm somewhat less blimpy looking...
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Not bad for an old woman, eh?

The dinner wasn't great. Unbeknownst to us the restaurant I wanted to go to had changed hands and had an entirely new menu and the thing I wanted most to eat wasn;t on it. Neither was the chocolate cake I had hoped for. But I got some cool presents and had a good time anyway.

I got socks!

FINALLY heard from my mum today. She told me that she'd already read Dragons of the Mind--my sister gave it to her. Gee mom, you could have commented on this earlier, like several months ago, so I wouldn;t be sitting here wondering if I should send you a copy or if it would totally offend you. But that's my mom. It;s kind of my sister too--I have suspicions she had ulterior motives in passing the book along because there's one fairly true-to-life story that isn;t too complimentary about my family. Oh well, I'll never know.

Now I'm sitting here waiting for DH to be tired of working on his paper so we can play a game together. Not THAT game. Heh heh. Just a game. You know, a computer game....oh never mind.

I should drink wine more often.

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