Friday, November 23, 2007

I Am Whacked Today

I had a really scary experience last night. To make a long story short, my husband went to take a pee and passed out in the bathroom last night about 9:30 pm and then the dizziness wouldn;t go away and he was having all these seizure symptoms and such-like, and I had to call 911 and get an ambulance to take him to the hospital to get checked out. Then I had to call his folks to take me to the hospital 'cause I can;t drive at night (I don;t really drive at all, but if it had been daytime I would have). And we were all there until 2 in the morning, while they ran a whole barrage of tests on him--heart and brain tests and blood tests of all kinds and such like.

Well, it turned out he was okay--the doc thought it was just dehydration and the fact thathe hadn;t eaten anything since Thanksgiving dinner at noon causing what's known as a "syncope," which is basically an episode of fainting for no other discernable cause. But it scared the shit out of both of us. I know he was scared because when the ambulance EMT suggested he go in to the hospital and get checked out he didn;t make too much macho protest.

But then we came home at about 2:30 am and had a very early breakfast and had to finish watching Return of the King, because we had left Frodo stranded in Mordor. So we didn;t get to bed until 4:30 am.

Then I was awoken at 8 by Onyx, who for some reason at that hour needs to wash my eyelids every day. IT HURTS! A little scratchy kitty tongue on the sensitive skin there is not a pelasant sensation. I guess he finally stopped and I went back to sleep because the next thing I knew my phone alarm was going off to remind me to take my morning meds and so I got up. But I don;t think I'm going to do anything today...not that I have a lot to do. Th usual cleaning of the house that I put off so much. And I have to fill out the papers for my SSI disability appeal. That scares me, though I don;t know why.

I just took a vitamin and it is making my stomach rumble in a nasty kind of way so I probably need to eat something...

Anyway, Thanksgiving was pretty nice. We went over to my Inlaws' place and there were some relatives there I didn;t know too well but I found them to be pleasant people. I actually lasted four hours before I started having a major anxiety attack and we had to leave.

I am very Thankful on this day that nothing major was wrong with my husband because I was so afraid. I couldn;t get along without him. I think if he were seriously ill and I had to take care of him I could do that but if I lost him I wouldn;t be able to go on. This thought haunts me in dark moments and last night really brought it home to me.

So let's all take a moment to breathe and be thankful for good health and good friends who will come over late at night and help you in a crisis.

I am.

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