Friday, November 16, 2007


Today the cats were acting like dogs, I swear. The kittens managed, between the three of them, to pull the afghan completely off the bed and drag it into the living room, where they thoughtfully placed it in the water dish, so not only did it get soaked but it wicked all the water out onto the floor. Maybe they wanted a lake, I don;t know. Then they got on the coffee table and pushed off the tacky little bamboo coaster holder and all the coasters. The holder was smashed (at least that was along a glue joint; I think it can be fixed). The coasters went all over the place. They, fortunately, could be picked up.

Gwion, at least, was just being a cat, wanting in and out every five minutes.

I have a migraine. I woke up with it at about 8, to the tune of my "Submissions Representative" from my POD company leaving a message on my machine. I have told these people I prefer e-mail contact; now they phone me to tell me they're going to e-mail me. How thoughtful. But not at 8 in the morning--I wish these people on the East Coast would remember that there's a time difference. I e-mailed the guy to remind him of it and to request he not call me before ten Mountain Time, if he has to call me at all. Let's see if that works. I think sometimes a lot of East Coasters just forget about the rest of the country altogether. There's something vague called California WAY out west, and everything in between exists in some weird state of limbo, an idea on a map but not really a place people live and breathe.

I have a migraine. Well, it's getting better now. I took every medication known to man and none of them worked so I finally resorted to calling the clinic and requesting my migraine shot. I was informed that they might not be giving the shots out very much longer. I can understand this, as it consists of some strong narcotics. And there are people who make a habit of calling and requesting the shot every week or so. I try to hold off until I can;t stand it anymore. Why anyone would do that for fun I don;t know. Or maybe I do. The drugs give you a kind of nice floaty feeling and it's good to be so relaxed. I still wouldn;t do it on my own, though I would have once. At least they didn;t tell me to go to the ER since I couldn;t get there anyway (one of hubby's school days, no transportation.) And I never feel that my migraines, no matter how much pain they cause me, constitute a real emergency. I mean, I know I'm not going to die from the pain, although sometimes it feels like it and sometimes I almost wish I would just so the pain would stop.

Mental pain is like that too. I believe that even with a migraine I finished part one of Locked today. I thought about starting part two, as thoughts for it were going round and round in my head (another aspect of migraines you might not know about--you get these mindworms in your brain and they won;t let go and it drives you mad). But I felt too shitty to write, really, and much too shitty to start something pretty much new. I'm surprised I managed to do anything to end part one, but it was only a couple of paragraphs. Now I';m Whacked on demerol and other various drugs and I KNOW starting something new would be a bad idea. So I'm stuck with the thoughts.

Beginning to feel sleepy-ish. I think I should go lie down. Soon.

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