Monday, November 24, 2008

Random Monday Mutterings

Really there's no reason that Mondays should be any different from any other day for me, and yet they are. Despite my not being able to hold down a job, Monday somehow remains the beginning of the week. Maybe because it's the start of M.'s week, or maybe because the feeling is just left over from the days when I was in school. Anyway, here it is Monday again.

Later today I have to go with M. to Montrose to pick up medications from my pdoc's office. I'm not really looking forward to the trip, but it will at least get me out of the house. I am wondering if I should make an effort to wash my hair before the trip, or if putting on clothes will be enough.

The sun is shining in my eyes from the south window right behind my desk, making this hard to see and write.

My stomach hurts some.

I continue to get Facebook friend requests from all over the world. I have recently had a slew of them from Malaysia and Canada. Interesting. My Elven Blood party has grown exponentially. One of my new friends turned me on to another RPG called Knighthood, and another turned me onto one called Pirates. Ahoy, mateys! I'm hooked on these RPGs now and can't stop playing. I suppose that wile there are better thigns I could be doing there are certainly worse ones.

I wonder why my spellcheck picks up some words that are perfectly right and doesn't pick on others that are obviously wrong?

I still have the music from Jesus Christ Superstar going through my head.

The sky is very blue today. That usually means it will be cold outside.

To quote an old friend: "I think now I'll turn into a pumpkin and float up into the sky..."

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