Thursday, November 20, 2008

The guys with the big truck...

...that sucks the leaves that everyone in town has raked into the gutters out of the gutters are out today and all the cats are going wild from the noise. They run all over the house trying to escape and hide under the furniture until the truck has passed. Especially Obsidian, which is odd because he's the alpha male and generally takes a threatening posture towards the other cats (Except Luna, who is the alpha female). But really he's a big love bug who doesn't like strangers or strange happenings in general. So everything from loud sounds to the meter readers sets him off in this way.

Now the truck is gone and things are back to normal. Luna and the boys have gone onto the back porch to take the air. Elvira is asleep in the condo and Dacs is on top of her linen closet, thankfully not screaming for once.

My back hurts from spending too much time at my computer lately. I took some Tylenol and feel it sitting like a lump in my stomach with all my other semi-digested meds from this morning. I hope it starts to work soon because I'm in some real pain. Not just imagined pain. I often have a hard time knowing the difference between the two, but this time I don't.

The batteries in my cordless mouse have reached critical stage again. I am thankful I invested in rechargeable batteries and a battery charger, because this happens at least once a week. My computer tech says it's because I move my mouse around a lot, but really I don't think that's it. I don't think I move my mouse more than the average person. I know that M. has changed his mouse batteries about once in the two years since he's had the cordless and he moves his mouse a lot more than I do, when we're playing games and stuff. I think I just got a cheap mouse. Well, it came for free with the keyboard, so maybe I shouldn't complain.

I don't know right now whether it's fall or winter. According to the Celtic calendar, winter starts on Samhain (Hallowe'en) and lasts until Imbolc (Groundhog Day). But aside form being grey outside it's not very wintery. It's beginning to get cold at night, though. We had some snow earlier in the month and I was depressed about that because I thought it was just going to keep going on and on until spring, but it's given us a reprieve.

Now the guys with the truck are back, going up the other side of the road. I went to the kitchen to put on the tea and both boys were clawing at the door to get in. Obi stands at the window, staring out in terror. I try to explain to him that the truck is not coming in the house. I don't know if he believes me, or even understands. He heads for the food dish. I think he takes comfort in food and that's one reason he has grown so large. Great, I have a cat with an Eating Disorder.

How to end this post? I don't really know. It seems odd to simply stop. But I think that's what I might have to do, as my back is hurting me so much now that I need to go lie down.


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Nana Jackie said...

Thank goodness Indigo was half-deaf when the big disaster recovery trucks came through our neighborhood to grind up the ice-storm debris. I don't think he heard a thing. The current crew would be leaping over each other like a herd of antelope if something like that came along now. Hope your kids are all calmed down soon.