Friday, November 21, 2008


Friday is like my Saturday. This is mostly because I generally have my one real working night on Thursday, when I do my radio show. But it carries over even now, when I am on sabbatical. So I feel I have a good excuse to goof off and hang around in my jammies even though there are numerous things that need doing around the house, like cleaning the bathroom (ugh!) and mopping the kitchen and sweeping and dusting and all the chores that I don't get around to because I generally do not have enough spoons in my cache to do them (for spoons reference see

Last night we watched Jesus Christ, Superstar. I had never seen the movie, though it seems I have always been familiar with the soundtrack; I remember my brother setting up the family's brand new stereo to record it back in 1973, and I've loved the music ever since. I liked the way the movie was played, but I don't think the vocals really measured up to that original cast recording. Judas definitely carried the show. The guy who was cast as Jesus was, I think, cast more for his looks than for his voice, although he did manage to come through pretty well on the big "Gethsemane" number. I still don't think he did it as well as Ian Gillan did in the original. I liked the Simon Zealots number quite a lot, though I couldn't help thinking things like, "Oh my gods, those dancers must have been half dead at the end of that day!" and ""Ah-ha! That's where my jazz teacher got that move." Still and all, a well put-together production.

Whenever I hear the music from JC Superstar I remember walking from upper East 81st street to the East Village in the pouring rain with then-BF, singing the soundtrack all the way. It earned us both smiles and odd looks from the passers by. One of the happier memories of our relationship.

I found ex-BF on Facebook recently and he friended me, but I haven't tried to contact him, although his e-mail address is there for all to see, and I'd like to know how his family is doing. I know his father passed away some years ago and I'd like to offer my condolences. I'd also like to ask about his mother and step-father and even his tortoise, Yertle. But I just don't feel comfortable doing it. I don't want to seem like the weird psycho ex-girlfriend. He's happily married now and has a family and I wish him well, and that's all I really could say. So I'll leave it at that.

Um, yeah. Well, that's all I have to say in this blog too. Now it's back to hunting mice and trying to defeat the Pirate King...

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