Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wednesday is Geek Day...

So I got up at WAY too fucking early in the morning so I could be at least in a semi-conscious state by the time my computer repair person arrived. He was supposed to be here at nine. Nine came; he didn't. Nine-thirty, ten, ten-thirty...what, did he get stuck in World of Warcraft and spaced out that we had an appointment? Finally around eleven I got a call: "I'm on my way! Really!" By this time I'm on fire and also bouncing off the walls from too much coffee and not enough tobacco (I didnt smoke all morning so he wouldn;t have to breathe my evil fumes; wasn't that considerate of me? I have since made up for the lack by smoking like a chimney.) I funed around some more. Then he shows up. And he's SUCH a nice guy, I immediately felt like an idiot for being upset with him for being 2 hours late. I mean, in a small county with only 2 real computer services this poor guy is really overworked and he doesn't charge near enough.

Anyway. He went to work and pretty soon had my system sorted: yes, ma'am it WAS the CPU fan which was no longer functioning as a fan in any capacity--it was more like an interesting sculpture stuck in my hardware. Then we networked my computer with my husband's, which we had tried to do on our own but hadn't been able to manage. I got to play geek on one computer while Scott did his thing on the other and that was fun. It kind of makes me regret the days when I trained as a computer tech and then never went anywhere with it. I could be making loads of money now...

Goodbye Norton; Hello Avast! I'm an honorary geek, I have it on good authority.

Then came the freak out. After Scott left, I decided to update my website. I click on the website design software icon and nothing happens. WHAT THE FUCK? I keep doing this for about fifteen minutes and am wondering all the time if my whole website is lost somewhere in cyberspace. I sign onto the net--no, it's still there, I just can't do anything with it. I call Scott in a panic, but being the honorary geek that I am I keep trying to find the problem on my own. FINALLY I locate the download for my sitebuilder software (Yahoo had this REALLY well hidden; I can;t imnagine why). I redownload and reinstall the software and ta-daa! it works. None of my data was even lost. So I call Scott back and tell him to disregard my previous messsage and spend the rest of the day adding new stuff to my site.

So go there already!

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