Thursday, September 20, 2007


my computer goed boom yesterday. there I was, innocently playing a game, when all of a sudden the blue screen of death appeared and a horrible grinding noise erupted frm the bowels of the contraption itself. I turned the thing of, tried to start it again and nothing. so I called the friendly if horendously busy compter guy. I also cleaned my office, which was disgusting and I didn't want the computer guy exposed to the month old grashopper carcasses and other presents the cats haveleft me overthe summer. By that time I fiured maybe my computer had just overheated and tried it again. Success! if only temporary: after about ten minutes the blue screen of death once more made its appearance and I knew this was a serious issue. WAAHHHHH!

I am presentl typing this on my husband's laptop which I hate. It has a little tiny keyboard and all the keys are so close together that I can't help but hit the wrong ones, or miss the space bar, all of which bringsmy typing speed way down and is very frustrating. I know some people love their laptops.. I am not one. My husband actually suggested gettingme a laptop last nightand I just stared at him. No,no, no laptop for me!! I want my desktop!!! I wantmy office with its cute little cubby holes!1!!!

So anyway, if you don't ear fromme for a while, this is why. I am waiting or the nicecomputer man to fix my system,
I suppose it could ave come at a worse time. after all, I d id get my submssion out before the crash. that's awesome.

and if you want to know how I'm feelingabout that.......YYYAAAAAAHHHH!!!!! But at least I'm not throwing up today. :lol:

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