Friday, January 2, 2009


That seems like all I have to say today: that I'm really, really tired. I slept well and long (I almost always do), and when I woke up I felt fine. But about two hours after I got up I just started feeling so tired again and now I can barely drag my ass around the house. I haven't done any of my chores and I haven't had a bath (which I was meaning to do) and I haven't gotten dressed. I just feel too tired to do any of those things. It's as if I've borrowed energy to live on for years in advance and now the payments are due and I don't have anything left.

I'm actually beginning to wonder if it isn't something physical, not just psychological. Mono maybe--okay; you're only supposed to be able to get that once but I've already had it twice so what's another infection with it to me? Or maybe something more serious like leukemia or some other kind of cancer. That would just make my day complete (sarcasm).

Whatever. I think I'm going to go lie down.

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