Thursday, July 12, 2007

okay that's weird.

I just tried to sigh in and they wouldn;t let me sign in but when I came back to my blog page, there was the option for a new post. I don't get it. Magic.

I am following my vow--I hope--to post something every day even if it's trivia. So today's trivia is: the weather is better than it has been. Cloudcover maing the sky grey but the temps cooler. Not the blazing hot above 100 degree temps we had last week, thank whatever god you prefer.

getting life stabilised: that's another weird thing. since finding out I'm bipolar--and I still can;t believe no one got that sooner in my life, I mean HELLO!-- and getting on meds that make me have a normal thought and emotional process....well, I can understand why most bipolar people go off their meds, can;t I? Even now I;m thinking, okay, I'm stable, can I stop taking some of these pills please. Eventhough I know it's early for that.

But I miss....I don't miss the lows so much, although they were feeling something. But I miss those rare and ...infinitely valuable highs when everything felt like it came together and made sense and everything was going to go right and I was so inspired I;d forget to eat and just work until my eyes fell out. How much harder it is doing the work from this flat place, how do people function like this???? Is this what normal life is? I just can't bear it sometimes. Is this health? I suppose these are questions for my p-sychiatrist when I see him next

I doubt I will like his answers....

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