Tuesday, January 2, 2007

We're all fine here--How are you?

NOT such a great day here today. I got a migraine yesterday and though I thought it had gone, it came back late in the afternoon, so I had to go get a shot. That's never pleasant, but I didn't even have the comfort of getting knocked out. You know it's a bad headache when 100mg of Demerol doesn't do anything.

Michael's done with school and suffering withdrawl. You know how it is when you've been really busy or involved with something and then it ends and you're left with a lot of empty space where it used to be. You might even be relieved or enjoy the thought of being at loose ends, but not quite yet. Now it's just a letdown.So he's humphing and grumphing at everything; everything irriatates him right now. To make matters worse, the wireless connection on his laptop seems to have failed, so he can't console himself by surfing the net.

I took a nap from...oh, I don't know when it started, but I woke up at 10:30 feeling much better. Michael had decided to call tech support for our DSL server and see if he could remedy the problem. He was on hold for an hour even that late at night. Then he kicked me off my computer (in the nicest way), which has no problem with the DSL, to see if he could fix the problem.Long and short: he couldn't. It was really funny, though, to see this guy who a year ago was a self-admitted techical yutz going through all the updating and rebooting and whatnot. In the process he unfortunately managed to reset my password so when he was finally done and I tried to get back to what I was doing, I couldn't. Then I got all upset and made him call tech support again--not so long a wait this time...well, we got it sorted out, and now I'm writing this at two in the morning for no apparent reason other than I don't feel like going to bed.

Frustrating day all 'round.My rating at scrabble is now 1062. I don't know what that means.

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